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What is iCheck?

iCheck is a cloud based, mobile friendly recruitment tool that automates the reference checking process. iCheck addresses one of the biggest frustrations in the HR and Recruitment industry – the way candidate reference checks are collected. Traditionally, this has been a very manual and tedious process driven by the employer.

Simple, efficient, and data driven.

By transforming an outdated and tedious process into an automated and efficient solution, iCheck allows employers to spend more time in more strategic areas of the business.

Reference checks in four easy steps.

Employer sets up candidate in iCheck and requests references.

Candidate sets up referees in iCheck and completes a quick pre-screening questionnaire.

Referee provides feedback on the candidate, usually within 24 hours.

Employer receives referee feedback on candidate in a detailed and analytic report.

Small price, big return.

On average, candidate referencing costs your business over 2 man hours and $85 in associated costs. Not only does iCheck save you over $40 per candidate, but it allows recruiters to give back to the business by spending more time in more strategic areas. 100% of iCheck clients lower recruitment budgets, improve their speed to hire, and protect their business from breaches in discrimination and privacy.

Tailored packages.

Our pricing is structured so that our customers see a significant return on their investment by using our platform. If you have a large amount of annual hires and want to see more bang for your buck, contact iCheck today to see how we can tailor a package that best suits your recruitment model.




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